Weekly Update: W/C 22nd August, 2022

As part of Edge’s ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, the core team write weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 177th of these updates.

Good evening @everyone 👋

Last week the Edge account system went live. The billing system has been working well, with FIAT purchases working smoothly and XE payments paying invoices daily across a number of accounts.

This week we’ve been busy extending the account system to support Edge DNS. Most of the underlying work has been completed, and next week we’ll be completing billing support for DNS, before making this available to you the following week. Edge DNS is globally available, and will be priced at $1 per zone (domain) per 30 days, or free if you have any other Edge service.

Following DNS, we’ll be moving onto CDN integration, allowing you to spin up your own content delivery service using the Edge network (v2). In the final quarter of 2022, alongside CDN, we’ll be working on community governance, putting into place a system that will allow anyone to put forth proposals and allow anyone in the community to vote and comment on these proposals.

Account API v1.1.1 was released to mainnet this week. This update improved the ability of various features to respond to changes in account status, and also included fixes for balance checks, which ensure that account statuses are managed correctly.

Stargate v2.11.1-242 & Gateway v2.10.0-148 were also deployed to mainnet. These updates introduced a more robust method of assigning requests to hosts, ensuring that slow requests are offered to other hosts to complete, while accepting the first valid response. A follow up release is planned for next week to introduce enhanced metrics to monitor this functionality.

As covered in last week’s update, most legacy stakes have now been migrated to XE stakes. This has had an incredibly positive impact on the team, as we now spend less time on administrative operations and more time on developing and promoting the project. We’re going to be closing the window for legacy stake migrations at the end of this month. If you haven’t yet migrated your legacy stakes over to the XE, now is the time. Submit your request now using the following form:


We have a number of people who submitted requests and then seemingly disappeared. If you’ve submitted a stake request but not yet received your stakes, please check your inboxes for emails from the team or get in touch with us at support@edge.network right away.

As a reminder, your Edge Account includes a referral link. If you use this when sharing Edge with your friends, colleagues and social channels, you will receive 10% commission on their usage of the network for the lifetime of their usage.

Next week we have a shorter week than usual, with Monday being the final national bank holiday of the year here in the UK. Some of the team have taken today off as well to enjoy a long weekend.

Whether you’re enjoying a long weekend too or just a regular one, do enjoy it, and we’ll see you Tuesday.

Enjoy your weekends 🍻

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