Weekly Update: W/C 22nd November, 2021

As part of Edge’s ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, the core team write weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 139th of these updates.

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Good evening everyone 👋

It’s Friday again! The weeks are just flying by at the moment.

First up, Haven.


We’ve partnered with Haven Protocol to work together to build the future of privacy. This is a meaningful collaboration that sees Haven’s website decentralised on Edge and that will see xAssets (Haven’s private, pegged coins) made available as payment options within the network.

Both projects have a clear focus on privacy, decentralisation and all of the benefits that flow from Web3, so in many respects this is a natural alignment. We plan to work on future projects together as well, bringing to life technology that is free from individual or centralised control.

As part of the partnership our UX team redesigned the Haven website, working closely with their core team to realise a more modern and engaging experience.

You can see the Haven website here: https://havenprotocol.org/

The site is running on Edge Servers and makes use of CDN throughout. When v2 of Edge moves to live the DNS will be migrated over as well.

And you can read the release on Cointelegraph:


On Monday I took part in an AMA with MEXC’s global audience, taking questions from their 300k strong community. The session lasted a little under an hour, and included a competition.

You can read an archive of the session here:


If you’ve had a node running in 2021, check your email and make sure you get back to the team with your XE wallet address. Payouts have been processed up until May so far.

The average yield for the year for Hosts is 23.09%.

June > October will be processed soon.

The latest episode of our podcast can be listened to right here, right now:

And after you’ve finished, why not take a moment to find out a little more about the presenter, Clive? He’s a long time member of the community here, and volunteered to help us some time ago, which eventually led to Conversations on the Edge:


The Scavenger Hunt continues. To be in with a chance of winning prizes up to 2,000 XE, keep an eye on the testnet over the next week. The Scavenger Hunt will lead you through a series of challenges as you learn about the project and the future of the web. Keep your eyes peeled and your notebooks open.


CLI v1.1.0 is out now for testnet which has onboarding support ahead of testnet v2 onboarding opening up soon. You can update edgetest with edgetest update or download it directly from https://files.edge.network/cli/. We’ll let you know when you can onboard devices to the testnet.

And we released a small open source library today, @edge/config, which provides a simple way to abstract away some of the functionality around loading configuration variables in a number of our new TypeScript-based applications. Find it here: https://github.com/edge/config

Bridge v2.4.1 deployed this week addressing an issue with existing pending transactions following a small change to the data structure of bridge transactions to support returned transactions.

And the latest issue of our now weekly newsletter was sent yesterday. If you’re not signed up, do so now! https://edge.press/

You check out the latest digest here: https://ed.ge/digest/issue-22

We’re still on the hunt for new core team members, with positions available for accomplished full stack developers. You can read about how we work and find a job specification in the community wiki here: https://wiki.edge.network/supporting-the-network/careers

Finally, if you missed last weeks update, you can read it on our site here: https://ed.ge/update/2021/11/15

And that’s it for this week! It’s been a big one. Here’s to many more.

Have a great weekend.

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