Weekly Update: W/C 23rd January, 2023

As part of Edge’s ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, the core team write weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 199th of these updates.

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Good evening @everyone 👋

The latest Governance proposal on implementing a scheduled burn of XE (see https://governance.edge.network/proposal/cd0cd6f364370119133c830ac4d435b28df41ab96cb12d6a1997cc2e12d68b81) closes in 7 days. If you haven’t voted already, we encourage you to cast your vote and have your say.

And on that note, you may notice that the explorer has had an update! The new burns page shows all of the XE that has been burned, and the Overview and Transactions pages have been updated to show more detail on burned tokens. We have more updates coming next week, so keep your eyes peeled! 🔥



Preparation for multi-Stargate moved further along, with testnet infrastructure in place this week ready for testing next week. All services have now been updated to support multiple authoritative Stargate services, so next we’ll be migrating testnet to the new Stargate network layer, and then expanding the number of Stargates from 1 to 3. We’ll then monitor this for a few weeks, making changes as needed, before we then migrate and expand mainnet.

Work has also been underway on bringing some exciting new features to the XE blockchain, which will be used in an upcoming project as part of the Edge Marketplace. More on this over the coming months 🍿

Stargate v2.14.0-276 and Earnings v0.8.1 were deployed to mainnet. These updates added support for multi-Stargate networking, enabling us to start deploying additional Stargate when ready.

Account v1.14.3 was deployed to mainnet. This update enabled the content delivery estimated cost calculator for wallets with low balance as well as fixing a number of UI bugs.

Index v2.2.5 was deployed to mainnet. This update fixed a synchronisation bug for wallet transaction counts. Following this, Index v2.2.6 was deployed to mainnet. This fixed a bug where wallet metadata was deleted when reindexing transactions.

Earnings v0.9.0 was deployed to mainnet. This added a new statistics API providing some additional information to consumers, primarily Index. More on this later.

Gateway v2.11.11-180 was deployed to mainnet. This patch improved handling of disconnection from Stargate, ensuring Gateways and Hosts are able to reconnect with minimal interruption to service.

As mentioned earlier, Explorer v1.22.2 and Index v2.3.0 have been deployed to mainnet. These updates introduce a new Burns page that shows all the tokens that have been burned, and also augment the Overview page with new statistics.

There was an additional Stargate update but upon deployment we noticed a few issues and rolled back. Expect that to be hitting the network next week.

Enjoy your weekend 🍻

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