Weekly Update: W/C 25th January, 2021

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, our founder writes weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 95th of these updates, originally posted to Telegram.

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Hi everyone 👋

It’s Friday again! And what an amazing week it’s been. The movement for decentralisation is gaining incredible momentum.

Edge remains at the cutting edge, with provably decentralised services in production. We’re cracking the whip to get new services delivered this year, and are especially excited by Edge Storage, as its a service that individuals will be able to use and understand with a clear point of difference in market. It’s also a major building block for future services such as our data layer.

Certman was released to mainnet this week after successfully passing testing on test.network. It is now responsible for all certificates generated by the network.

We’ve also added some useful metrics for monitoring usage which we expect to release into production next week.

New releases of both Gateway and Stargate were pushed to mainnet, updated to remove dependancies on network API for certificate storage.

A significant bug was found in the Gateway cache service which was preventing the caching of some assets. A hot fix for this was deployed today.

Work has now begun on the dynamic queue, a method to establish each devices performance ability in realtime in order to load-balance requests to the most performant devices at each given time. This evolves the job queue to make it more intelligent, increasing performance and helping to ensure that jobs are satisfied as quickly as possible.

We’ve finalised plans for a new Edge site, which now moves in to copy + design. We’re overhauling everything to provide the structure we need to support the next few years of growth, both in services and in usage.

And of course we’re continuing to update the existing site in the meantime. The Content Delivery section of the site was updated further, with the addition of a pricing page along with a number of further minor updates.

An issue with cross-site request forgery was also investigated, though found to be working fine.

And we progressed work on the supporting technology for the upcoming Edge token. There’s not much to report on this front this week, as we’re basically just heads down in delivery. Work is progressing steadily.

We opened talks with a OEM about the potential for pre-loading Edge nodes on to their hardware. We’ve had a number of these discussions, and have proven Edge Embedded on Wifi routers and set top boxes. It’s a really interesting space, and we’re hopeful that it will provide significant additional capacity in time.

The new subscription based payments layer in Edit has now processed over 1,000 real-world transactions. It’s use is growing pretty strongly at the moment 💪

A new project from an ex-Edge staffer is looking to make some hires. 0Confirmation provides and instant transactiontional layer for Bitcoin. They are actively looking for Solidity and JavaScript developers to assist them with integrations.

Drop in here to find out more about the project and to lodge your interest in assisting development: https://t.me/zeroconfirmation

(Leave a note saying that you’re a developer keen to help and they’ll DM you.)

And that’s it for this week.

Enjoy your weekends.

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