Weekly Update: W/C 27th April, 2020

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, our founder writes weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 58th of these updates, originally posted to Telegram.

Hi everyone 👋

$TNC has been listed on Hotbit, CoinLim, BW.com, Coinsuper, STEX, EXMarkets, Lukki, Crex24, HitBTC and IDEX so far, with a bunch more to come. Watch this space.

The opening price is a strong indicator of the ambition of the group, and demonstrates real return for token holders. Not a bad deal given the bear market since 2018 and the current economic climate.

The distribution of your $TNC is due to began soon and will be processed on a FCFS basis. It is being done as we receive verification of wallets from TNC. The plan is to ensure everyone receives their tokens before May 10th. When you receive yours will depend on when you submitted your token swap request, so there’s no need to panic if you see someone receiving theirs before you.

The network team have been working on MacOS support for CLI via homebrew. This will allow us to up the network Device adoption rate, and start to take advantage of an abundance of spare computational power on personal devices.

An important update to CLI was released. Running ‘edge-cli watch’ will now give you realtime request metrics for the device. There are some minor revisions required to Host, so we should see a full launch early next week.

Look out for an article on watch next week.

Work continued on the scoring mechanism for Gateway which will be used to load-balance requests and adjust Device queue limits based on performance.

Work also continued on payments, with the introduction of the ability to switch subscriptions and edit payment methods.

And webhook support was added to API to capture renewal updates from the payment processor.

Finally we’ve been lending support to a platform designed to raise money for charities during these challenging times. It’s a simple idea called Cookalong TV (cookalong.tv) that offers people the chance to win a virtual cookalong with a number of different celebrities, celebrity chefs etc. via a prize draw, all in aid of charity. 100% of the proceeds of the draws will be donated to the celebrities charity of choice. There are a bunch of great people involved, and some key components of the platform will be running in the Edge Network.

Have a great weekend.

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