Weekly Update: W/C 29th May, 2023

As part of Edge’s ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, the core team write weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 217th of these updates.

Good evening everyone 👋

This week was another short one, with a bank holiday on Monday. We’ve been pretty quiet all told, with a few of the team away. But even so, dev hasn’t stopped!

First up we have deployed Wallet v1.19.0 which adds the ability to assign a device to a stake via the web. This means that as well as adding a device to the network via CLI, a contributor can use Pod’s Edge Staking GUI to add their desktop machine without ever touching a terminal.

Relevant links:

v1.19.0 release PR: https://github.com/edge/wallet/pull/255

Pod’s Edge Staking GUI: https://github.com/PodTheCoder/edge_staking_gui

We’ve revamped our internal dashboards for reporting, drawing a far greater depth of data to the fore, giving us insight into individual deployments. This means that, for example, with Edge Content Delivery we can fully analyse the Gateway queue on a per deployment basis, seeing things such as:

  • Request Success Rate: out of all CDN requests, how many time out or result in error?
  • Cache Hit Rate: out of all CDN requests, how many are served directly from cache?
  • Compression: how effectively are origin assets being reduced in bytesize when served through Edge CDN?
  • Cache Population: how many cache keys have gone cold in the last 24h? (Higher value indicates consistent delivery from cache rather than unnecessarily processing through Hosts)

These changes are already highlighting potential improvements to Gateway queue handling, beyond the general concept of optimising the queue.

It allows us to suggest adjustments and optimizations to customers as well. And in time it will enable us to automate this. Imagine a dashboard of recommendations within the account portal that automatically suggests performance enhancements and optimisations.

Pretty cool I think.


In other news Gateway v2.11.18-201 was deployed to mainnet. This enhances the monitoring of the Gateway queue, which handles work distribution to hosts, and enables us to observe the effects of upcoming changes to the queue.

Our work with new partners is bearing fruit, with some very exciting developments afoot. This work is also setting the parameters by which the team engages with third parties, a process that is being formalised and will be written about on the new website.

Finally, the latest revenue burn of XE has taken place. This is a day later than planned, but it’s done and 81,846.52627 XE have been burned forever 🔥

Here’s the tx: https://xe.network/transaction/ab595e7c777daa83e3385896d8ec4e9fd5c07cc1b3e6571cac9af20c7f1d2131

And that’s all for now!

Enjoy your weekend 🍻

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