Weekly Update: W/C 31st January, 2022

As part of Edge’s ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, the core team write weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 148th of these updates.

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Good evening everyone 👋

If you’ve kept an eye on the build & deployment channels, you’ll see we’ve had another busy week!

Explorer v1.12 hit mainnet, which added stake information to the wallet pages. Wallets now display their associated stakes along with the total amount staked. There were also some small bug fixes and improvements around the pagination.

Bridge v2.6 was deployed to mainnet today, along with Index v1.15 and Wallet v1.12. These releases change how withdrawal fees work in line with OTC sale fees. You’ll now see a single transaction fee based on the current Ethereum EIP-1559 costs, and once your withdrawal transaction has been confirmed, Bridge will process it right away. This means quicker & cheaper withdrawals through the Bridge. No more waiting for Bridge transactions.

In addition to the new flat gas rate support, Wallet v1.12 also added the stake view, so you can view the stakes associated with your wallet. This is the first in a number of stake-related wallet updates, with the ability to create, unlock, and release stakes coming to the wallet soon too.

@edge/index-utils v0.3.2 and @edge/xe-utils v1.2.0 were published to npm. These minor updates add a new endpoint and patch some missing data properties.

We opened sourced two new projects this week: our linting configurations help keep our code clean, tidy, and uniform. Important when working across many projects. While we started with TypeScript linting, we’ve also added JavaScript linting for our web projects too and will continue to roll these out to projects that don’t yet have linting. You can find them at https://github.com/edge/eslint-config-typescript and https://github.com/edge/eslint-config-javascript.

Work on the mobile wallet continued apace and we’re looking forward to getting it onto the App Store for testnet soon with mainnet following shortly after. We introduce two new screens to the app and we can’t wait to share it with you.

V2 Stargate & Gateway saw a number of deployments this week to https://test.network/ while the team worked on service integrations and automatic certificate management. We’ve been monitoring network performance around the session system and are pleased with how well it’s working, supporting both stable connectivity and more patchy connections too.

Earnings for January are expected to be calculated and processed next week, and work on the Earnings oracle will begin in earnest too. The plan is to start with daily earnings for nodes and slowly increase the frequency while monitoring the blockchain performance. Balancing transaction frequency with blockchain bloat is a consideration and daily seems like a good place to start.

This last week we also saw the total number of nodes connected to v2 hit 100 for the first time, and below you can see the general availability of the host portion of those nodes. We’re planning to start rolling out more Gateway nodes soon, and will follow that with introducing more Stargates too.


If you like stats then you’ll be glad to hear that we’ll be adding nodes to the explorer very soon. We’re going to be listing nodes and showing their status, and will follow that up with a map, and then individual node statistics. If you have ideas about stats, why not let us know in the 💡│suggestions channel in Discord?

If you haven’t already requested your legacy stake migration, please do so by filling out the form here: https://ed.ge/stake-migration-request

Please ensure that you make your request with your Console account email to make it easier for us to process. Also for Founding Node requests, please include your original staking transaction or your device name if you can find it.

The latest issue of our weekly newsletter will be sent shortly. If you’re not signed up, sign up now: https://edge.press/

If you missed last weeks update, you can read it here: https://ed.ge/update/2022/01/24

And the latest episode of our little podcast has just dropped:

And that’s it for this week. Have a great weekend.

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