Weekly Update: W/C 31st May, 2021

As part of Edge’s ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, the core team write weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 113th of these updates.

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Hi everyone 👋

Monday was a bank holiday here, so this week’s update will be a little shorter than usual. It’s still jam packed though! Adam is back up to speed and is with me this evening :muscle:

First up, timelines for $XE.

The wallet is complete and available for use now 💥

(I’ll share the link a little later in this update.)

Wallets can be generated and addresses can be added to Console, meaning that those of you that are eligible for a distribution can make a claim, starting now.

Distribution of claimed XE will happen over the next few weeks. The distribution process will be open for three months, and will close on 04th September, 2021.

The network bridge will open up and trading will begin later this month. Specific dates to be confirmed.

Adam is going to tell you a little more about the wallet.

Adam K Dean:

The XE Wallet is an entirely client side application, designed for ease of use. The user experience was put together by Ravi on the core team, and provides a clean, streamlined solution that will be expanded over time to capture additional network functionality, eventually replacing Console entirely.

Here are a few screenshots of the live wallet:




At the core of the XE blockchain is a transactional layer, where signed transactions update a deterministic ledger, which itself is based on the concept of including preceding block hashes in each update. All transactions processed by the blockchain must be signed by the sender wallet, and any modifications to a transaction will invalidate the signature, ensuring that only the private key holder can sign transactions.

The XE Wallet makes use of this by encrypting and storing the private key in local storage, unlocking it to perform signing actions such as signing a transaction, and then discarding it from memory again. For this reason, you’ll always be asked to confirm your password when making a transaction, or when unlocking your wallet, should you close your browser.

The web wallet is designed to be a minimal footprint, memory-light in-browser experience. It interacts directly with the XE blockchain through the blockchain API, itself a streamlined and high performance interaction layer that is used across the network.

The minimum blocktime is one minute. Each block can contain a maximum of 100 transactions, though this is an arbitrary limit and one we can raise as far as needed in future. This gives a maximum throughput today of 6,000 transactions per hour, or 144,000 transactions per day, with transactions being quickly confirmed. We’ve tested performance far beyond this, again giving us plenty of room for growth. The XE Wallet will show you pending transactions, both going out of and coming into your wallet, as well as the number of confirmations. Once a transaction has reached 10 confirmations, it is considered confirmed.

The explorer will be released in the coming weeks – we’re still working on the beta. It will be hooked into the wallet, with transactions and wallets linking out to the explorer directly. The blockchain explorer will be powered by the indexing service, which is open to all and can be found at https://index.xe.network/ and which contains two endpoints: /blocks and /transactions (with wallet specific transactions being filterable with /transactions/xe_0000… etc).

Currently no API keys are required. Longer term we are planning on integrating API requests into wallets, meaning that a stake would be required for API use.

And some stats for you nerds like me out there. In realising the vision of the XE blockchain there have been: 51 commits to index; 139 commits to wallet; 575 commits to blockchain; 30 index builds; 78 wallet builds; 255 blockchain builds; 46 index deploys; 74 wallet deploys; and 1,327 blockchain deploys. I’m afraid the amount of tea and coffee consumed was immeasurable by modern scientific methods so I’m unable to report this.

Joseph Denne:

Thank you Adam!

You can access the wallet here: https://wallet.xe.network

If you’re eligible for a distribution, generate a wallet, then head over to Console and add your XE address:


You can read all about the claim and distribution process in the Community Wiki here: https://wiki.edge.network/support/claiming-xe

In other news, the team has been progressing Edge Compute, testing new routines and VPS types within Stargate–aligned infrastructure. We remain in beta testing with early partners and expect to be able to discuss timings for a first community release in the coming couple of months.

Cookalong TV are hosting another event for Vodafone, this time with Sports Commentator & Personality, David Flatman. Cookalong runs in the network, using DNS and CDN. It will be moving to our fledgling compute service soon too. Entrance into the draw for the latest Cookalong is being offered for free to all of Vodafone’s 18 million customers in the UK. The event has already raised $12,000 for the charity (Downs Syndrome Association).

You can find out more here: https://cookalong.tv/david-flatman/the-hawksmoor-feasting-box/03-07-2021/17:00

Episode four of Conversations on the Edge has just been released:

A few new sections were added to the Community Wiki. There’s a newsletter archive: https://wiki.edge.network/getting-started/core-team-updates/newsletter

…a podcast archive: https://wiki.edge.network/getting-started/core-team-updates/conversations-on-the-edge

…and a breakdown of previous Edge devices, added to provide context for the devices that are currently in planning: https://wiki.edge.network/contributing-to-the-network/edge-devices

If you missed this weeks Edge Digest, you can catch up here: https://ed.ge/digest/issue-5

And that’s it for this week.

Now get out there and help spread the word!

Enjoy your weekends.

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