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Daily earning data is now enabled in the Edge Network.

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This month we have been trialing daily earnings calculations. Every day, in the early hours of the morning, while we sleep soundly in our beds, our robotic underlings diligently calculate the earnings for the previous day for every staked Host, Gateway, and Stargate on the network. While trialing the daily earnings process, we have kept the data for October hidden from users, but it is now visible for all to see.


Daily earnings will be visible as they are calculated from this point on. The process kicks off around 02:00 UTC every day, and your earnings will be visible anytime thereafter. Payouts will remain monthly for now.

If you haven’t set your wallet address in your account be sure to do so right away, by going to my.edge.network/account/wallet in order to avoid missing the payout window for this month.


We are happy to announce that we now have 6 Stargates staked, and they have been active for the entire month of October. We’d like to thank our community for their ongoing support. We are now in the process of getting the Gateways ready for community staking, and will have more information on that for you soon.

We are happy to report that Stargates are currently running at an annualized ROI of 18.48%.


We now have an incredible 311 staked and operational Hosts in the network. Since we announced Multi-device Onboarding last week, our community been busy adding devices to the network from all around the globe. Just look at the increase in Hosts below:


Hosts are currently running at an annualized ROI of 33.83%, earning an average of 166 $EDGE each this month.

The amount Hosts earn per day depends on a number of factors, including the number and value of jobs completed, which in turn is driven by demand in the network. Because of this your earning will differ from the average, as well as between nodes (if you are running more than one). We are continuing to build out telemetry services, integrating more metrics and extracting more information from the network data available. We will be exposing more of this data as we go, and expect to be able to show a count of jobs completed over time in the near future.

🔗What to expect in November

You can expect to see your earnings reported every day in November. And payouts for October will be completed next week. Remember, if you haven’t set your wallet address in your account be sure to do so right away, by going to my.edge.network/account/wallet. If you do miss this months payout window, not to worry, you’ll simply receive the earnings next month.

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