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Edge has outgrown its existing strategy and – true to form – our community will help steer our next phase. Join us now in Discord.

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Did you listen to last week’s Conversations on the Edge? These short explanations of key aspects of our project or significant news or developments were conceived almost 40 episodes ago to provide a more accessible way for people new to the project to understand our mission.

We’d argue this is often a problem for crypto. We’re great at talking to each other, but sometimes turning the chair around to bring in curious yet less well-informed minds can be more tricky. We have a similar motivation with our newsletter – a chatty, accessible tone and straightforward messaging about why Edge Network exists, how it’s being developed and what its growing number of applications are. Our Twitter account, too, targets mainstream adoption, driving traffic to thought leadership articles here at edge.network examining the core principles of the technology we are building.

But any good marketing strategy needs a moment of reflection every now and again. This is what some members of the core team are leading this week – and we say ‘leading’ because this is not an internal conversation. This one is for all of us.

We are considering all aspects of our marketing output, from Twitter and Discord to emails and audio. From campaigns and advertising to PR and partnerships. We’re open to new ideas, processes and formats for all aspects. Most of all, we’ll listen to any proposals that our engaged community has to offer.

Maybe you think we need to engage more in crypto Twitter. Perhaps our Knowledge articles at edge.network need a new focus. Are the weekly updates giving you the right information? Should this little audio show be monthly instead of weekly and present more like a podcast? We’ll bring ideas to the party but it’s your voice we need in order to build a genuine next-generation marketing strategy.

The very most engaged are those of you in Discord, so that’s where we are hosting this consultation. Jump in, seek out our marketing channel and get involved. This is, after all, your project – especially if you hold $EDGE or contribute to the network.

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