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Earlier this week we released an update to the Edge Network Explorer, introducing some new statistics, as well as restoring those features which were temporarily disabled during our recent mainnet upgrade.

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The first thing you’ll notice is that Hosts are now being mapped. We’ve restored the network device location functionality, which, when zoomed out, gives an accurate overview of the network within the last minute. With privacy in mind though, we fuzz the locations slightly. This means that when you zoom in, node positioning won’t be exact.


You can now also view more information about network devices, with Stargates exposing their name, location and architecture. (Note that Stargates are currently only running on amd64 chipsets.)


Gateways also have their location and architecture exposed. In addition the Stargate that the Gateway is currently connected to is listed. This shows the state of the network as of the last minute.


Hosts are exposing the Stargate that they’re connected to, along with their location where available, and their architecture. Now that both Founding Nodes and self-onboarded Nodes are live on the network, you will start to see a number of different architectures here.


There are many additional features in the pipeline, including distinguishing Founding Nodes, showing the connections between Stargates, Gateways, and Hosts, and introducing usage statistics directly from the network’s telemetry service.

You can access the explorer here:

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