Roadmap Updates, Q3/4 2020

We’ve spent a block of time closing out our roadmap updates for this half of 2020. There’s a lot in plan, building on the first live services and bringing new services to the fore in the process. It’s going to be a packed and exciting development period.

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The full roadmap will be updated on Github shortly.

Highlights are as follows:

🔗Consul Migration

We’ve been working through a move away from Consul for some time. It’s great, but only in that it currently plays in a field of one. There are a lot of known issues and it’s a bit of resource hog. For our purposes it makes sense for us to have an edge services specific solution. So we’re going to be going full throttle on completing our replacement. We will be providing it for others to use as an open source solution for edge deployments as well as supporting it in a commercial setting for enterprise customers.


We’ve been in beta with storage for some time now and have a list of actions to work through to move it to pre-release status. This includes working through fragment rebuild support for files where remote (off network) private encryption keys have been used; completing work on data persistence (files are currently all ephemeral); and closing a known security vector whereby a single Host could feasibly receive 100% of the shards required to rebuild each file.

🔗Content Distribution Updates

We’ll be adding watermark support along with a bunch of additional methods for media manipulation. But most excitingly our work on the ability to crop and modify audio content will be moving to live. We’ll also move forward support for longer form video compatibility.

🔗Infrastructure Updates

We have a world of updates coming to the core platform, including the completion of a couple of data centre migrations; updates to backup automation; and the enhancement of telemetry services across the network.


From the addition of a custom BGP service within Stargate to enhanced validation for proof of work in Gateway, there is a lot in stream for the advancement of the different node layers in the network.

This includes circular Payload Validation, which will see Gateway periodically test for expected responses from Host, identifying bad actors and penalising them accordingly; the addition of Storage in to Host as a core service; moving authentication to our GRPC layer; and getting staking release automation finished for Console.


It’s going to be a busy run up to Christmas!

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