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Switch to Edge Network and save up to 90% on your content delivery costs.

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Future cloud. That’s how we define Edge Network in much of our communication because we know how it compares with the traditional digital infrastructure that (for now) powers much of the Internet.

It’s faster. More secure. Better for the environment. More cost effective. Fairer, too.

All of these benefits apply to Edge CDN – and there’s no ‘future’ about it. Right now, over 70 brands are using Edge CDN to optimise their digital products and that number is growing by the week.

It’s not only network performance bringing them on board. Edge CDN is also feature-rich, improving workflow with tools such as just-in-time image manipulation facilitating blur, filter, flip, format, resize, rotate, saturate, sharpen and crop functionality.

CDN also compresses and optimises assets at the point of request – saving an average of 60% in filesize to speed up delivery and reduce overall digital costs. Monocle magazine, for example, has seen a 77.93% reduction in content delivery costs since switching from its previous solution with AWS.

So what are you waiting for? Check out or straightforward pricing plans or get in touch to discuss how your business can benefit from future cloud, today.

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