Edge Content Delivery is available at a competitive flat rate that scales as you grow. Full control of costs with flat pricing and a single global rate, regardless of region.

A single flat global rate

Simple, low cost pricing with no hidden extras or overages. Enterprise hosting available for scale.
Traffic (per GB)
$ 0.048
Requests (per 10,000)
$ 0.00375

Edge CDN is 56% cheaper than AWS, 50% cheaper than CDN77, 74% cheaper than imgix and 67% cheaper than Fastly.

How much traffic do you need?

Because it’s making use of the existing capacity all around us, the costs in the Edge Network are significantly lower than in traditional cloud environments. Monocle’s use of CDN is 77.93% cheaper than their previous solution with AWS. Businesses that also contribute capacity to the network can unlock further discounts.

Monthly trafficRequestsCost
1 TB250,000$49.15
6 TB1,500,000$294.91
25 TB6,250,000$1,231.14
50 TB12,500,000$2,462.29
100 TB25,000,000$4,924.58
150 TB37,500,000$7,386.86

Edge CDN scales with your business, giving you full control of costs with flat pricing and a single global rate.

Included as standard

Global coverage

The world’s only dedicated Edge CDN

Single global rate

Regardless of traffic geo distribution

All security features included

DDoS, origin & hotlink protection, SSL and more

Unlimited HTTP(S) requests

Unlimited number of requests included

24/7 tech support

Highly-skilled engineers ready to help

Flexible commitment

No minimum and no lock in

Frequently asked questions

What's included in the cost?

The single flat rate includes everything that you need to deliver your content quickly and efficiently to a global audience, including all security features, 24/7 tech support, unlimited image transformations and no overage fees.

Do you offer Object storage?

Not directly yet. But you can use an Edge VM for this, or any other http(s) accessible origin.

Do you provide reporting?

Yes! The Edge account interface provides reporting for CDN usage.

What PoPs are included?

Full global access is included, meaning that your content will be handled by our node network, operating in the majority of countries on Earth.

How long does set up take?

A couple of minutes. Honestly. We’ve worked hard to streamline our interfaces to ensure the fastest and easiest possible set up process.

What can I use as my origin?

Any http(s) available recourse can be mapped in to Edge CDN as your origin.

Do you charge for image transformations like imgix?

No! Image transformations are completely free of charge.

Do you offer enterprise plans?

Yes. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can you handle set up for me?

Yes. Our professional solutions team can handle set up for you entirely, or can advise your existing team or agency.

Get in touch

To find out more or to deploy to the Edge Network, please provide your name and email address. A member of our sales team will be in contact.

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