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First customer outside of our existing client portfolio connects to the edge network to serve image assets

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Here’s some great news ahead of the holiday – just as the DADI engineering team is on the final straight to delivery of Constellation (that’s ‘network fully live’ for the uninitiated), our first new client has connected to the DADI network. is a global product comparison site offering side-by-side information of over seven million products across some 90 categories from phones to football.


Every time you search for products to compare, the images returned are served by the DADI edge network – seamlessly and rapidly wherever the user is in the world.

This is an excellent first step for DADI ahead of the full network release after Christmas, when we’ll be opening up a waiting list for other new clients that wish to take advantage of the cost and speed efficiency of an edge network solution using DADI CDN.


In the meantime, if you have a digital product that could use a little help with page load, drop us a line or create an account at to be first to hear when the waiting list opens.

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