Weekly Update: W/C 09th March, 2020

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, our founder writes weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 51st of these updates, originally posted to Telegram.

Happy Friday all 😷

Unlucky for some… it’s Friday the 13th!

Console 1.2.0 (and then 1.2.1!) has now been released:


…Featuring amongst other things, a new device page which better displays devices for those among us who have a lot of Hosts online.

Network API 2.3.0 was released as well which contained a number of fixes and some foundation work for the capturing of enhanced data around CDN usage, which is working on testnet now (exciting!).

This telemetry update means that we have per-minute resolution of requests and data transfer for every domain in the network.

Our focus now shifts to the integration of payment mechanisms on the back of the telemetry data for CDN. Closing this out will mean end to end self service for the first core network service, which is a major milestone.

Work has also progressed on a Public API which will, in it’s first iteration, be used by Max from the community who currently scrapes explorer for his community updates/bots.

A series of minor bugs introduced by staking in Console have been resolved, as well as in Earnings.

Sync and Earnings were set up on testnet which uncovered a few issues which were fixed and deployed.

Explorer was made public for testnet (https://explorer.test.networkinternal.com) and mainnet explorer was migrated on to our new base platform.

Research on metadata stripping for CDN is ongoing. This is a feature which will be part of a paid CDN plan in future.

A new version of entropy was released for CDN. And a fix for CDN was also deployed relating to an issue where when width and height were more than the maximum allowed it was stretching images because the aspect ratio wasn’t being properly respected.

And finally Adam has written an article on the release of Console v1.2. You can read it here:


Enjoy your weekends 👋

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