Weekly Update: W/C 23rd March, 2020

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, our founder writes weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 53rd of these updates, originally posted to Telegram.

Hi everyone 👋

First up, thank you for your questions and feedback over the past 24 hours. The team is here and will continue to answer all of the questions we can.

We’re really excited for the future and are very positive about the opportunities that the partnership and token merger provide. We’ll be building out our sales and marketing for CDN faster than we otherwise could have done, and expect to be able to scale the network faster too. Development will continue a pace, and we’ll also be adding to the roadmap.

Staking and earnings in the network continue, with earnings pegged to USD as they are now.

Yesterday’s announcement was a big one. It represents the culmination of months of discussion and planning, and represents a huge step forward for the network, and for the tokenomics of the platform.

Further information relating to the tokenomics will become available in the coming days.

The swap process is open now, available through the Edge Console.

You can read the full announcement here: https://edge.network/en/updates/announcements/tnc-partnership/

And you can see the FAQ here: https://edge.network/en/swap/faq/

To start the swap process, head to: https://edge.network/en/swap/

In other news there have been a series of update to CLI Stake management and Stake return methods this week, as well as improvements the overall usability of CLI.

A series of improvements have been made to CDN to improve the entropy resize option, which is used to identify the focal point of an image.

A new email scheduler package which will initially be used to send scheduled emails relating to Content Distribution subscriptions was completed and moved in to live testing.

And the final touches were put on the new Edge Initiative website, which are now in review.

Finally it seems like we’ve been having an AMA since yesterday afternoon… we’ll collate responses to the most common questions received and will add them to the token swap FAQ document.

Stay safe and stay smiling 😀

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