Weekly Update: W/C 28th October, 2019

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, our CEO writes weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 34th of these updates, originally posted to Telegram.

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Hi everyone! 👋

It’s been another jam packed week here 🏃‍♂️

Earnings for October were pushed to network dashboards, with Stargates returning an average annualized ROI of 18.48%, and Hosts returning an average annualized ROI of 33.83%.

Daily earnings have been enabled in the network, with earning data now pushed to network dashboards once every 24 hours.

You can read about this in more detail here: https://edge.network/en/updates/network/daily-earnings/

API version 6 was released: https://github.com/dadi/api/releases/tag/v6.0.0

There are a whole world of updates and enhancements in this release, and we’ll be writing about them next week.

Publish version 3 was released: https://github.com/dadi/publish/releases/tag/v3.0.0

Note that this release requires API version 6.

The web service team continued work on improvements to the rich editor in Edit. Among other updates they implemented nested lists, improved keyboard navigation and the behaviour of the link prompt.

They also spent time planning for the implementation of third party data sources within the dashboards of our editorial interfaces.

The team continued work on the Edge Console framework, including closing out account login, creating a datasource plugin similar to that used in Web, and kicking off work on the Edge Console API layer.

And they continued work on Edge CLI connectivity tests and the integration of benchmarking into Network CDN for Host.

The team also integrated Slack reporting into Earnings service for internal monitoring.

A series of earnings service improvements were made along with a few bug fixes.

We’ve seen good growth in Hosts since multi-device onboarding kicked off, with some new nodes in far-flung spaces!

We remain on track to have interfaces for content distribution in open Beta for the community around the second week of November (TBC). We’re currently integrating front end templates, which will be released under my.edge.network in the first instance.

Finally, I expect to be releasing an update to our roadmaps next week.

And that’s it!

Enjoy your weekends 😊

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