Earnings Oracle v0.7.0

Earnings Oracle v0.7.0 has been deployed to mainnet. This is a key update that improves scalability in anticipation of network growth.

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The latest release of the Earnings Oracle adds metrics collection over time, enabling the determination of how much work was performed by which devices during specific time periods. Hourly and daily snapshots are available through the Earnings API, which can be correlated with payments client-side. These will be made available this week through the Index API, which in turn will feed some useful updates to Explorer later this week.

Please note that metrics are not currently being used in earnings calculations, as this is new functionality that we are still testing and verifying. For the moment, device uptime remains the key metric for earnings.


The number of messages shown in this screenshot is colossal because all open session metrics to date have been collected in the latest hourly snapshot, and the next daily snapshot (in about 45 minutes). Metrics in all subsequent snapshots will have delta (relative; change) values, now that Earnings Oracle has prior ‘starting’ values to compare with. As such, if you have nodes currently online and look at their metrics, you may notice an initial spike in the numbers, followed by much smaller values. This is expected and nothing to worry about.

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