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DADI Publish 1.0.5 Beta

Recent updates to our CMS application pave the way for future releases


The next beta release of Publish is now available to install from NPM.

This release contains some changes to element spacing and alignment to get closer to the interface designs that came out of the original design phase led by David Longworth.

There are no major changes in this release, as we’ve been picking off some of the UI tweaks that have been added to the backlog, which sets us up for some of the larger features we have on the roadmap. To keep the momentum up we’ll be releasing beta versions each week, iterating towards the 1.0.0 public release in the very near future.

To install the latest 1.0.5 Beta, use the following NPM command, look for DADI documentation at, and as always, we’re available to help on your favourite channel.

npm install @dadi/publish@beta

🔗Version 1.0.5 Beta changelog

  • #369: Header spacing & alignment
  • #370: Background pattern doesn’t extend full height
  • #371: Dropdown nav size & spacing
  • #372: Collection sort order
  • #377: Ability to hide document section tabs when only one
  • #378: Delete confirmation box text size and spacing
  • #383: Checkbox/bool field adjustments

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