Fast and cost-efficient content delivery at the edge. A CDN that makes websites, APIs, eCommerce stores, mobile applications and SaaS platforms more performant and highly secure.


Image pipeline

Because it’s making use of the existing capacity all around us, the costs in the Edge Network are significantly lower than in traditional cloud environments. Monocle’s use of CDN is 77.93% cheaper than their previous solution with AWS. Businesses that also contribute capacity to the network can unlock further discounts.

  • Adjust height & width
  • Optimise quality
  • Apply blur
  • Set gravity
  • Control resize style
  • Apply crops
  • Flip images
  • Control saturation
  • Sharpen images
  • Change image format
  • Set device pixel ratio
  • Add background colours
  • Set background size
  • Apply filters
  • Control progressive loading
  • Add watermarks

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